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Begin Your Home Based Business Today
Do you feel as if you live in the world of "I won't think about this today, I'll worry about it tomorrow" with your home based business? Are you afraid to begin? You don't know what to do, therefore it is just easier not to think about it? Just...
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MLMís and Home Businesses Get Free Advertising in Las Vegas!
Copyright 08-01-2004 by Gina Novelle at www.thirdpocket.com Iíve been self employed for 18 years, so marketing is not a new issue. My technology expertise has always been extremely easy to market. Last year, I decided to open an MLM business...
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Your Own Home Business - Dream or Reality?

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This is a question many people have asked themselves, sometimes over and over. Is it possible for the average person to start and run a successful home business? Iím here to say that the answer is a resounding YES!

With that said, there are some specific questions you should answer before starting your business. This list is by no means a complete, comprehensive all-encompassing checklist, but it will give you a good starting place.

What type of business to start?

  1. Do I have any knowledge in this area?

  2. What skill do I have to run this business?

  3. Is this something that I will enjoy doing?

  4. How much will it cost to start?

  5. Do I have the money this would require?

  6. Is there a market for this product/service?

  7. How will I promote my business?

  8. Am I willing to put in the effort to make it work?

  9. Am I dedicated enough to ďstick with itĒ?

  10. How much income will this business have to create?

  11. How big do I want this business to become?

  12. What are the tax implications of owning a business?

  13. Are there any regulations (federal/state/local) that I need to be aware of?

  14. Am I capable of doing the bookkeeping required or do I need to hire out?

  15. What type of insurance will be required?

There are numerous resources online to help you answer some of these questions. Here are a few of the sites I recommend.



Of course, some of these questions can only be answered by you. Be honest with yourself. A successful home business is a wonderful thing, but a failed business can be a hard pill to swallow. Honestly answering these questions (and others) will help direct you on the path to success.

2004 © Born-Again Bargains


Craig Binkley Ė husband, father and home business owner assisting in the restoration of the ďtraditionalĒ family through home business ownership.



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