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You Can Start A Successful Catering Business From Home

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Have you ever said to yourself: How do I start a catering business out of my house?

Well, the short answer is yes, you can open a catering business with little more than your delicious homemade recipes and a little business know how. Perhaps youíve been cooking for years as a hobby and are used to getting many compliments on your culinary creations.

Opening a catering business may be something youíve dreamed about for a while, but arenít quite sure how to go about getting started. Learning how to get the ball rolling on your catering business idea is the first step on the road to actually running a successful small food business.

Keep in mind that you will now be turning a hobby into a business catering food to local clients who may include individuals, as well as, local companies who youíll want to establish long-term relationships with. It will also cost you some money to get going.

First, youíll have to think of a catering business name, something easy to remember but unique enough to stand out from the crowd. Youíll have to do some research on the estimated cost to open a catering business. While starting a catering business is exciting, youíll have to find out the rules and specific health and safety regulations for your city and state.

Youíll need to formally register as a business and obtain catering business insurance. There are helpful guides online that will show you exactly how to open a home catering business. You can also see a sample catering business plan as well.

Because you are selling homemade food, business people in your community may be receptive to your new catering start up if you offer them free samples of your specialties. If they enjoy your food, they may call you the next time they need a caterer. To stand out more, you might even focus exclusively on a specialty niche like vegan food or sandwiches.

Starting a catering business is a major commitment, so youíll want to focus your attention on spending your budget wisely. Make the most of networking opportunities. Get business cards and pass them around. Most importantly, have fun at making money doing something you love.

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Everything you need to know about starting your own Catering business from home


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