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Top 7 Home Business Time Wasters!

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7 Ways To Eliminate Home Business Time Wasters
by BB Lee (C) 2003

What I call "Time Wasters" is any action interfering with running
your home based business.

What Are The 7 Most Common Time Wasters?

Check Out The Following!

1. Email.
Email is without a doubt a very important factor in operating
your Online business. After you've mastered sending and receiving
email, there's no limit to the people or organizations you
can reach at the press of the send button.

There is a downside to the marvelous convenience of email. Think
of all the time the average business person spends checking email
accounts. You could easily waste half your work day on email.

To the rescue e-prompter. This free software is easy to use and
it will check several email accounts while you surf or work on
other business matters.
Download e-prompter here...

2. Pop Ups.
Are you bombarded with pop ups at every turn on the Internet?
Pop ups will slow down your surfing and it's down right
frustrating trying to get rid of these annoying unwanted ads.
As you know, Internet Explorer is not packaged with a good
pop up blocker. So you will definitely need to download one
if you plan to surf the Internet regularly.

To the rescue Google Toolbar!

The google tool bar has a great and free anti pop up weapon.

Download the Google bar.

3. Surfing.
How often do you plan to check a website resource,
and click unrelated links.

Fight mindless surfing!

Remember your goal. Ignore links that detract from your objective.
If you are looking for information on the latest "Computer
Virus Hoax" why are you visiting music sites or
downloading screen savers?

4. Forgetting To Write Down Your Objectives.
Open Notepad or write what you plan to do on a sticky note.
And check off the goals as you accomplish them. This listing
method works great if you overloaded with too many task.

5. Time Limits.
Learn To Set a time limit! This will force you to focus on
accomplishing your objective within the designated time frame.
For example, limit yourself to 30 minutes checking email, or 1 hour
researching a topic.

Here's an easy little count down timer that you can download.
Download Egg Timer Here:


6. Telephone/Television Distractions.
Unplug your telephone. Turn off that television. The telephone is
a big time waster. Ignore urges to check your voice mail or
answering machine for messages every few minutes. Only
return important calls.

No more soaps! That's right! While you are working tape your
favorite programs. Watch them after business hours.

7. Family Distractions:
Make your home office "Off Limit" during work hours.
Tell family members to handle any minor problems while
you are at your computer. Close the door to your office.
Place a sign on it "Do Not Disturb During Work Hours."

BB Lee is Editor/Publisher of SmallBizBits FREE Home Based
Business Ideas Newsletter. Subscribe Now and receive a free
home based business advice ebook bonus.
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About the Author

BB is the editor and the publisher of the home based business ideas newsletter SmallBizBits!


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