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The Lost Secret Of Home Business Building

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There are loads of websites , books and magazines out there who will tell you about “the 3 secrets”, “the 5 special tips”, “finally revealed”, “the stuff only insiders know” or “what the big guy’s won’t tell you”.

Well I am sorry to be the one to tell you but they didn’t find the secret that will unlock wealth and prosperity to you. There is one thing, a very special and at the same time very basic thing that is overlooked by everybody but it is the only key you will ever need to unlock the door to fulfilment of your dreams.

Some of the above mentioned websites will teach you how to become an outstanding salesperson and off course there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you are looking for but I am sure there are many out there like myself and you, who is reading this report who have a different dream, a completely different vision of life and how you want to spend it.

I don’t know what your vision is but let me tell you about mine. I am sure many of you can relate to this vision or as I call it, The Perfect Dream.

Being a construction worker for many years I got tired of bosses pushing me around and being disrespectful so I tried out some other things. I tried to be a salesperson but that wasn’t really me. I did well but there was to much stress in it. To many hours and to much phone calls. In fact I hate it when people call me when I am having lunch or dinner. I wanted to have more time for myself and the things I enjoy to do together with my family so after about 4 years of wondering around, trying to find that key to my perfect dream I finally found this lost secret.

Yes, I found the key that made my world completely different. You don’t need to be a special person to use the key, neither do you need special skills or degree. EVERY AVERAGE PERSON CAN USE THIS KEY.

Getting curious he to know what this key is…….

Well the key is plain and simple FRIENDS AND FRIENDSHIP, the lost secret most people don’t pay attention to.

After being a salesperson for a while I realised that my best clients after a while also became my friends and that we spend a lot of quality time together doing things we liked like going out, fishing, rafting, training in the gym etc…resulting in increased sales without me having to ask or tell them anything. In fact they were starting to give me good advise on how to sell them more ???????????’

When looking back at it and analysing my life now I can clearly see that the most enjoyable times of my life are in company of friends and/or family. When going to a BBQ I have a great time, when going to the movies I enjoy the company of my friends a lot, especially after the movie when we talk about our stuff, going out having a beer with my friends, in the gym helping each other lifting those damned weights or when on vacation.

After a while I stopped the sales business and I started to look for something that would give me the opportunity to make friends and on the same time would give my friends too a possibility to make money and have a good life. Finally I got my perfect dream and more important I was able to share it with my friends and give them their perfect dream too.

Many times, almost all the time their perfect dream is completely different from mine but that doesn’t matter. We share our friendship and the things we enjoy like helping other people.

So if you love your friends and value their friendship and you are willing to help them than you will be able to make your perfect dream reality without big efforts.

The only thing you need is friendship and a program to work with.

I don’t know about you but I am living a great life thanks to my friends and they too enjoy a wonderful life thanks to our common lost secret “friendship”

Most online marketers and salespeople forget about this important fact. Because there is no personal contact just names and computer screens the general relations between business builders are distant and cold (off course there are exceptions).

When you start treating your partners like your best friends, not only on the outside but really feeling friendship for those people and the true desire to help them than this will build your fortune and theirs. With no effort at all.

About the Author

Peter Vermeeren lives in Valencia, Spain and is the team leader of the Perfect Dream Power Team , a group of friends building together and helping all who wants to join them to unlock their dream and make it their future life. You can find his program here: https://www.moreinfo247.com/8976256/FREE and his team information vault on marketing here : http://www.web-optimum.com


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