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MLM’s and Home Businesses Get Free Advertising in Las Vegas!

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Copyright 08-01-2004 by Gina Novelle at www.thirdpocket.com

I’ve been self employed for 18 years, so marketing is not a new issue. My technology expertise has always been extremely easy to market. Last year, I decided to open an MLM business part-time. This type of business enables me to “make money while I sleep.” My other business is one that must be worked on a daily basis, and is rarely slow!

I was about to embark on a complete attitude change regarding marketing. In my technology business, everyone wants to hear about the products, the new ways, faster ways, and enhanced training. However, the minute I discuss the products of an MLM business; doors shut; I get banned from web sites or I get a blurry of e-mails, saying all the same thing:

“No MLM Advertising Allowed”
“MLM Posts Will Not Be Permitted”
“Your Products Are Deemed to Be an MLM, and Your Advertisement Has Been Deleted”

Therefore, I went on a mission! I researched web pages for a number of months, and discovered there are web sites that allow you to advertise. These sites do not have moderators, angry e-mailers, and “NO MLM POSTS policies.” At first, I was skeptical, expecting a nasty e-mail after I made my first post. No e-mail was received, and my ad appeared on the site exactly as entered, with a bonus. My web site was a hyperlink, not just a text line.

So I went to the next one in my list. This time, I was braver, and typed a full size ad of my MLM’s brochure. It also appeared on the site, exactly as I typed it? I checked both of the ads for several days, still expecting some reprimand; none came. On my third day, I went all out, and even added an animated graphics. Wow, it worked too!

Then a few days went buy, and I got an e-mail from the sponsor, that said: “Thanks for posting to our site; you are now signed up for the newsletter, and once a month this site will be e-mailed to you.” Wait, does this mean all who post on the site get an e-mail monthly? Was this another extra benefit? Yes, I get to post my ad, and they e-mail to everyone who posted any type of information to the site. I realized I had just been introduced to Co-op Marketing. My thirst for more grew into an obsession.

That’s when I discovered over 190 web sites that allow my ad. All of the web sites now link to my site. Talk about search engine boost. Our site www.thirdpocket.com is now number 1 on Google, Yahoo, AOL, AltaVista and MSN all for FREE! Our site went online in March of this year.

I decided the world needs to know about this type of marketing, and I wrote the e-book called “Marketing in Vegas for Free on Over 190 Web Sites.” Yes, here’s where I get paid for my technical expertise. The book is only $9.95 plus tax. This book is not just a list of web sites. It is also an Internet Marketing book, giving you tips and tricks on how to place an ad; so you can optimize your placement on the search engines.

Even our cookie cutter site from our MLM business has climbed to #3 and #4 position in the search engines, using this type of FREE advertising. For $10.00, you may save thousands in return.

About the Author

About the Author
Gina Novelle writes computer How-To Manuals, is a graphic artist, and program designer for Exclusive Markets in Las Vegas Nevada. She specializes in Enhanced Technology Methods, and sponsors www.thirdpocket.com, a support site for the self-employed E-mail: gina@exclusivemarkets.net


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