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Leverage In Your Home-Business, Guarantees Success

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"Give me a long enough lever, and I'll move the world."

~ Archimedes 287-212 B.C.

Successful businessmen use their marketing experience,
education, money, consistency and hard work. Stalwarts
among them however, leverage their limited available
time for the highest levels of success.

Most of you may not have all these blessings.
Most of you, who want to have a home-business or Internet
business of their own, and buy all these know-how books,
reports and ebooks, will never make it. From many obvious reasons.

Yet, the good news is: You have as much time available
in a day to use as the wealthiest person on earth.
You can use your time as the lever in your business and
make a fortune.

Let's start from the bottoms up. At the end goal.

Let's say, you've somehow learnt the right skills to earn
$50 an hour in your home business. And you did it in a
very simple way. So simple everyone can learn it.
A 16 year-old, a homemaker or a factory worker.
Regardless of their background, financial status or

Say, you now earn $2000 per month, part-time.


Do you think that now you can attract people to become
your customers, affiliates, MLM distributors, partners?
In fact, people who will refer you tons of business?
You bet! Loads of them.
Wouldn't you?

Say, you have a job, living from paycheck to paycheck,
and your good friend or someone on the internet says:
"Let me show you a 100% proven SIMPLE WAY of how to start
earning $50 an hour, and possibly, much, much more down
the road?"
You'd shout: "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!"


You'll have tons of people who would beg you to teach them
the business. So much so, that you will be able to choose
the most open-minded, teachable people who can follow
directions, and are sure to succeed, regardless of their

Like I do. I only work with the most suitable people who
qualify, by going through a 3-step screening process!

The market place doesn't pay for long hours and hard work
alone. You get paid for the value that you bring to the
marketplace. The ability to earn $30-$50 an hour without
any special education or experience, so that it is duplicated
by others, is of tremendous value.

The more duplicable your business, the more duplicable will
be your income.

"But wait a minute," I can hear you asking, "how do I create
such an incredible lever? A $50 hourly income-story?"


I cover it in great detail in other articles. But, let me
give you some practical tips.


In online/offline marketing, we talk about cost per lead, conversion rate,
gross profit, per average sale, promotion cost per sale and the like.

All these are important. They determine the profit per average sale.


But you can even do business without any of these jargon.
Let's talk in a way that everyone can understand.

For starters, you want to spend the minimum possible time per sale,
including all your efforts inputs like promoting, presenting and closing.
Online and/or offline.
In other words, you create a high hourly income, so that you
leverage yourself fully.

You are now many, many times as powerful and result oriented.

What do you need in order to earn MAXIMUM PROFIT in
MINIMUM possible TIME per sale?

... so your products or service have a demand, less
competition, needing less effort and time to sell, etc
Unique, caring after-sale service can create a great
leverage.(see #3 and #5 below)
Great selling tools. Anything that can
differentiate you from your competitors, and
more sales in less time.

... get lots of orders, in minimum time
If possible... let them see. Let them try. Let them use.
Offer an unconditional guarantee.
Build and quote proven, powerful and reputable
Start building locally, before you conquer the world
on the internet. There's great leverage working locally
and you can use both online and offline advertising.

... Maximum leads, in minimum time
Use time and cost-effective ways to prospect and develop leads.
Foe example:
Locally: Use brochure holders in stores.
Those are "quiet salesmen".
Working for you 365 days a year!!
(See my article about this incredible tool,
how to put 10 holders in one hour, how to
follow them up, ensuring an abundance of
leads asking for your products.)

Run surveys on the internet, in person or on the
phone, to create many more of leads in a short time.
One of my favorite prospecting tools.

Advertise carefully on the internet, to get qualified
leads in a low budget.
Etc, etc,etc.

... in less time
Time-effective ways to PRESENT the product/service and
CLOSE the sale.

Use technology to do the talking.
Powerful proven selling web sites.
Use autorepoder follow-up emails.
Powerful teleconference calls.
Multi-participants live presentation.
Again, minimum time and money.
Use ready made tools, at first.

... for repeat business in quick time
Great personal after sale service.
Ensure product satisfaction and customers' loyalty.
So you will create loyal customers, who will place repeat
orders, get you referrals, and offer even persuasive
testimonials to splash around.

... it saves time
Make sure everything you do is simple and duplicable by
others. "Simple" doesn't mean easy. It might take a short
time- days, weeks. It might take months. Who cares? You're
going to be financially independent, anyway.

Be passionate about your dreams. With your "WHY". When
the WHY is big enough, the HOW is easy. It will keep you
persistent, until ... you achieve your goals.

Experience your product/service, so that you become
knowledgeable, involved and passionate about it. Your
personal product story is a powerful leverage to your
business. Especially, in case of noticeable and proven

Do everything yourself first, before you do it with
others' help. Lead by example!

The long and short of it all is, Make money in proportion
to the time you spend. You will then make the maximum profit
in the minimum possible time per sale.

Let me tell you a story of leverage.


5 years ago, I made a bold claim to my new and young
associate. Tommy was 17 years old, when I introduced him
to the business. Still a high school student in New-Jersey.
I told him, I could generate $100 profit or more within
3 hours ..., anytime I wanted.

And I offered to teach him to do the same.
He told me to "Prove it!".

I taught and proved it to him. He earned $1680 in his
first 6 weeks. Part time. He worked the business throughout
College. Last year Thomas Joseph graduated from Columbia
University, and in his last year, he earned over $100,000.
Still part-time. Now, young Tommy is full-time, doing the
business around the world, using the internet, and is on
his way to double his income.


About the Author

Jeff Coach is a businessman, writer, marketing consultant and
reputable trainer since 1968. Represents a Multi-Billion dollar
International company, doing business in over 50 countries
around the world.
To see if you qualify for his mentoring program and home-based
Internet business, please visit


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