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Small Home Business: Why People Don't Buy From You
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Internet Home Business Secrets That Payoff!

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I can picture you exactly where I was just a few short years ago --

Sitting in another useless meeting organized by a group of senior managers that have a combined IQ less than your own child at 3-months old.

Around in circles you go, no progress again today and only those who play the game the best will collect the bigger paychecks - but even they can't outlast this game of roulette can they?

Listen - I get asked often, even by my own wife, "why are you so driven!"

It's true, these days I am passionate about just about everything I do - especially my internet home business.


Is it the thought of a new porsche sitting in my driveway that motivated me to succeed with my internet home business?

What about cruising up and down the Pacific Coast in my new yacht?

Maybe it's being able to take a dream vacation to Australia and New Zealand?

Nope! You guessed wrong.

In fact, what motivates me everyday is the thought of having my time, energy, health and family UNDER THE CONTROL of someone other than myself scares the heck out of me.

I mean all out spiders on my face, snakes in my bed and lizards in my pants scared!

When I hit 30 back several years ago - I was in a hotel, alone on business in downtown London, England.

Incredible city, but I realized that after spending 29 birthdays with my family - I was FORCED to spend this one alone thousands of miles from home.

Every day after, I became incensed each time someone at my old job controlled some aspect of my time, health, energy or family.

I don't mean a little upset - I mean DEEPLY ANGRY.

There's only two ways to deal with something like that in your life - curl over and die a slow death or take action until you change the circumstances

Trick was, to channel that anger in the right direction - postive instead of negative.

Then I discovered something incredibly powerful --

Anger and Pain Are Part of the Formula for Success!

Name me any highly successful person and chances are I can find a burning, gut-churning, unstoppable force within them that will not let them fail. That force usually comes from anger or pain.


Even with this incredible passion I had to control my own destiny, success didn't come right away.

I tried opportunity after opportunity, scam after scam, UNTIL...

THE HOLY GRAIL - Internet Home Business

Ever since the beginning of business, the same principles hold true - you must have;

  1. Compelling product to reachable market

  2. Competitive Advantage or Unique Selling Proposition

  3. Operation plan that is profitable

  4. Constant Plan, Do and Review process to increase profits

Whether you want to market other people's products online or create your own products or services, you must follow these fundamental business principles.

What's great about an internet home business is:

1. You can find reachable markets and compelling product ideas sitting in your office in your underwear

2. You can easily discover and communicate your Unique Selling Proposition without having to spend thousands on competitive intelligence

3. You can develop very profitable operational plans taking advantage of instant download, or build to order systems

4. It's easier, and less risky than ever before to continually test and improve your internet home business.

So - snap out of it!

Stop settling for whatever it is that is eating away at you!

Take action - right now!

Find out all you can about starting and building your own internet home business - turn your anger or pain into health and happiness today.

You Really Can Write and Market Profit-Pulling, Niche Market eBooks That Sell Like Wildfire! Discover RED-HOT Markets, Create High Value Products Quickly and Easily. Find Out How Right Here: http://www.highertrustmarketing.com



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