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How To Choose A Work At Home Business Opportunity

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There are plenty of ways to do business on the Internet, but
they can be basically divided into 2 groups:

1. Go out and do the research, find the resources, bring them
altogether and then build a business from scratch


2. Start a turn key business that has everything you need to
get started in one place including training, support,
products and websites.

This article refers to business group number 2.

Believe me when I say not all work at home business
opportunities are created equal. I learned the hard way.
Like an over excited greenhorn with dollar signs in his
eyes I started a total of 5 Internet work at home
businesses all within 1 week of discovering they even
existed. That was equal to about $250/month in subscription

I was basically a textbook example of what not to do.

Save yourself the expense and effort (not to mention the
embarrassment of having to tell people about it later) by
making sure any business you are interested in checks out
for the following points:

Most important - does the company sell a product or service
that is good quality, people want to buy and you would be
proud to represent? Boom industries include health (e.g.
vitamins, alternative medicine), communications (e.g. cell
phone subscriptions), Internet marketing resources (leads,
info products, articles and recordings from experts about
building a business) and Internet technology (e.g. web
building tools, face to face video conferencing). There is
more but they are a good place to start.

Does the business look professional? - you can easily get a
"vibe" for a business by its presentation. Is the web site
beautiful? Does it load easily? Is the spelling and grammar
correct? While presentation is not the only thing to look
for in a business it can be all you need to decide whether
to look further.

Is the earnings structure fair? - usually the payment plans
in work at home business opportunities are confusing at
best. But what you want to be sure of is that you are going
to be fairly rewarded for your efforts. Typically you will
be expected to either sell product or get new members to
join your business before you make money. The latter is the
preferable method because then you have other people making
you money as well. You should start earning once you have 3
to 4 people in your team. Be sure you know exactly how it
works because there are companies around that expect you to
have a team of 12 members before you see a cent; too hard
for a beginner.

What does it cost to get started? - just because a business
costs a lot to get started doesn't mean its a bad thing or
a good thing. But I'm guessing that you are like I was and
don't have thousands on hand ready to plunge into your
first work at home business. It's probably better to dirty
your hands with something a little smaller at first and
take it from there. Up to $100-150/month is reasonable. My
favorite for beginners is about $30/month (No.1 work from
home business opportunity).
Special note: Remember that with any business you will also
have advertising expenses.

How old is the company? - a company that is completely new
is susceptible to disappearing from the radar. Be cautious
of businesses claiming to be in pre-launch for 2 reasons.
1. that means they are new and may have no idea what they
are doing and 2. these companies always claim to be in
pre-launch even though they launched (started doing
business) months ago. Of course every great company was new
once so there are times when a new company can be a great
opportunity. Check to see what the word is, do some
searches and try to find out what people are saying about
the company and about the leaders. If the leadership is
good than you maybe onto a good thing.

How experienced is the leadership? - once or twice a year a
new company will come on the scene and people will be
climbing over each other to come on board. The reason is
usually because it is another brain child of a team with a
proven record of success. They have the experience to get
it right from the start.

Does the company provide training? - two pages about how to
post free classifieds is not training (that was the extent
of it on one of the earliest companies I joined). Training
should be comprehensive, covering how to advertise, where
to advertise, what to say in your advertisement, where to
find business, how to talk to people, how to stay
motivated, how to increase your business, how to train new
team members and more. Very importantly it should include
at least weekly phone conferences from company experts and
leaders for you to learn how they do it and have your
questions answered.

Will you get adequate support? - if you have questions or
concerns it's nice to know that there is someone to answer
them. The top notch businesses will actually have a support
department available to answer any questions you may have.

If you find a business meeting all these criteria then you
are off to a good start. But remember this is only the
first step in a longer haul. You must have persistence if
you are going to make it.

Keep learning, keep at it and don't give up.

Written by Murray Hughes


About the Author

Learn how to easily build your own Internet marketing
business from the ground up from a long-time marketer
giving away his experience for nothing. A Warehouse of
Internet Marketing Knowledge at no cost, EVER!


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