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HomelandDefenseStocks.com Features “How The wireless Internet in Space is Coming, Driven by the Military and Global Business.”

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November 04, 2004

HomelandDefenseStocks.com Features “How The wireless Internet in Space is Coming, Driven by the Military and Global Business.”

POINT ROBERTS, Wash.; Alexandria, Virginia; ---------------------------------------------- November 4th, 2004 - www.HomelandDefenseStocks.com, (HDS), an investor news portal for the Homeland Defense and Security Sector, presents “How The wireless ’Internet in Space’ is coming -– driven by the military and global business.” IP-based satellite communications networks are just around the corner, and the implications for global communications are huge. HomelandDefenseStocks attended the recent “Wireless Applications in Homeland Security” conference, and prepared this exclusive article as a result.

HDS does not make recommendations, but offers a unique, free information portal to investors to research news, articles, interviews and a growing list of participating public companies.

Article Excerpts:
By Allen R. Gibson

Just as we’re all getting used to the number of wires we have to deal with in our daily lives, it seems that wire-less is about to make its big breakthrough.

From wearable computers, to using your cellphone to monitor your factory video cameras, to ‘the internet in space,’ we are in the midst of a technological revolution that looks to be about to change our lives the way the internet already has.

In war, as in a civil disaster such as 9-11, good communications is a key to responding in a timely and effective manner. And that can save lives!

So the US military is spending $17 Billion dollars to create the first stage of a global, hi-bandwidth, internet-protocol-based communications network that will use satellites to create ‘the internet in space.’

…Cisco Systems notes that commercial enterprises have a role to play in space-based systems now because the needs of users – military and otherwise – have converged. In the not too distant future, they suggest, every manned and unmanned vehicle in the world will be a node on a network, as the OnStar system previews today.
Which business applications are going to be winners in this new wireless world are still to be determined, but many companies are working to position themselves now to take advantage of this lucrative market.

For most of us, before out car gets net-connected, it will be our cell phone that links us to the world net. And already we are seeing innovative new applications emerging for the cell.

A small company called Snocone Systems has developed a server-side software package that turns any WAP-enabled cellphone (which is most new phones) into a remote monitoring device for closed circuit television cameras. A factory owner can now see, in real time, the images from his security cameras, and even control camera movement through his cell. The benefits are obvious.

For the complete article, click here: http://www.homelanddefensestocks.com/Companies/HomelandDefense/HDS/Internet.asp

HDS featured profiled companies:

Aegis Assessments, Inc. (OTCBB: AGSI) www.aegiscorporate.com - Through the SafetyNet™ line of products, Aegis provides wireless security solutions to public safety agencies and commercial security companies for homeland security and life safety applications. Integrating emergency and life safety systems available to the public and private sectors is the new challenge in homeland security that the company's products and technologies address.

Roaming Messenger, Inc. (OTCBB: RMSG) www.roamingmessenger.com - Wireless solution for delivering real-time actionable information with applications in homeland security.

Snocone Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: SCOS) www.snoconesystems.com - Mobile Surveillance and Monitoring with Real Time Video Surveillance Via Cellular Phones. Snocone has recognized the enormous need for handheld surveillance devices in Homeland and Personal Security. These applications will be made available to government agencies, police departments and the general public.

HomelandDefenseStocks.com includes a growing list of public companies in the sector. Click here for a partial list of companies involved in homeland defense and security technology and solutions in Airport Security, Biodefense, Biometrics, Defense, Internet Security, Integrated Security, Military, Border and Port Security.

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Nothing on the site should be construed as an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any specific products or securities. All investments involve risk. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investigate before you invest. Although we attempt to research thoroughly, there are no guarantees in accuracy. We encourage all investors to use our research as a resource only, but to further their own research on all featured companies, industry research and articles featured.
The site is currently compensated for by its "featured companies." Markland Technologies, Inc. currently pays ECON Ten Thousand Dollars per month. Markland has issued shares to ECON in the past and these payments are for the purpose of including Markland in articles and other promotions. Aegis Assessments, Inc.: Four thousand dollars per month. Aethlon Medical, Inc.: Three Thousand Dollars per month plus restricted shares equivalent to Five Thousand Dollars per month. Law Enforcement Associates: Four thousand dollars per month. MDM Group, Inc.: Three Thousand Dollars per month, plus Twenty Thousand shares per month. OnScreen Technology Inc: Three Thousand Dollars, Roaming Messenger, Inc.: Two Thousand Dollars per month and One Thousand Dollars per month equivalent in shares. Snocone Systems, Inc.: Four thousand dollars per month. Bulldog Technologies, Inc.: One Thousand Dollars per month featured Company on HDS current list of stocks. Gabriel Technologies Corp: One Thousand Dollars per month featured Company on HDS current list of stocks.
Disclaimer: www.InvestorIdeas.com/About/Disclaimer.asp

HomelandDefenseStocks.com is a Registered WA Trade Name

Dawn Van Zant / Trevor Ruehs
Toll free: 800-665-0411
Email: dvanzant@HomelandDefenseStocks.com, truehs@HomelandDefenseStocks.com

About the author:

HDS does not make recommendations, but offers a unique, free information portal to investors to research news, articles, interviews and a growing list of participating public companies.


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