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Home Business Success Tip - The Power of Clarity

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The door slammed in Gabby’s face. He was lucky his nose was broken. “Watch where you’re going puddin brain,” one of the more obnoxious students Sam screamed at Gabby. (nicknamed Sarcastic Sam by his fellow students – Sam was the head of the unofficial Big Shot Professional Wing of Mr. Perry’s sophomore History class.

Sam was distinguished by his loud obnoxious sarcastic mouth and little else. It’s too bad that Sarcastic Sam would many years later discover that employers weren’t exactly looking for Big Shot Obnoxious Professional Big Mouths. Sam would have to fall back on his other great skills of broom pushing and box stacking. But hey we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Gabby stunned for a minute reached over to pick up his books he had dropped. Gabby was a bright kid who it always seemed was bumping into things. Of course the other kids ridiculed him for this and he was thus nicknamed, “Gabby the Goat the Butt of Every Joke!”

Like we said Gabby was a bright kid but seemed scatter brained and lacked focus. One day his interest was robots the next was exploring Mars.

Then one day a new science teacher rode into town (in a Ford Mustang). Gabby was really attracted to the new science teacher Mr. Lars Cranium – not in a physical but intellectual sense..

Mr. Cranium soon became Gabby’s mentor and it wasn’t long before Mr. Cranium started teaching Gabby foreign ideas like the “Power of mental clarity and focus.” It was not long before Gabby was planning each day and getting real clarity concerning the things he wanted to accomplish each day and even 5 years down the road.

Pretty soon Gabby was the most popular kid in school with a dozen pretty girls escorting him between classes. Well not exactly, but 10 years later Gabby did have his own microcircuit and software development company with a net worth of about 1.5 Billion Dollars.

All because Gabriel (that’s what his business associates call him) had a mentor who showed him the importance of mental clarity and focus.

I urge each of you get real clear on what you want to accomplish each day and what you are striving for down the road. Make a list the night before and define the 6 things you must do each day that will bring you your biggest results. AND Write Them Down. This is what Gabriel did.

Oh and whatever happened to Sam. Well let’s look in, it seems Sam is at a job interview. (He goes through quite a few job’s these days).

Mr Employer: “Well let’s see it says here Sam in high school you were a Big Shot Professional Obnoxious Big Mouth. Can you explain that? And also can you explain, which of the following outstanding past job skills best qualifies you for this position: Broom Pusher, Fry Chef, Refuse Maintenance Engineer…?”

Hey none of us can go back and make a brand new start, but we can fashion a brand new ending for ourselves starting today. I encourage you to each day define a clarity and focus about what you want to accomplish. In 7 days you’ll be amazed with your new found confidence and sense of direction.

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Nick A. James offers informative tips and information on nutrition, health and working from home. His many years of Internet Marketing expertise puts him in unique position to help others starting a home business . For free newsletter, free reports and amazing info contact him at:


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