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Art Collecting as a Home Business

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When we think of art collectors, we generally think of wealthy sophisticates combing glamourous fine art galleries for the hottest new painterís works. That may have been true in the past, but today there are many online art collectors who make a good living without ever visiting a brick and mortar art gallery.

Today a small movement has begun where average people are buying fine art online, holding it for a year or more, and earning a profit from resale. And whatís interesting is that almost all of these new online collectors have never had any experience with fine art beforehand. These savvy folks are buying limited edition fine art prints on canvas, printed in the expensive giclee process. Each one of these prints is so close to the original that only an expert can tell the difference.

These beautiful prints come with certificates that are signed by the artist and numbered. Once the limited edition sells out, it is common for the print to increase in value as much as 2-4 times the original price.

All an online art collector has to do is to visit a million dollar art gallery via the internet and learn about the various hot new artists, see their current offerings, and learn which artists are selling the most prints. Then with a couple clicks the online art collector can purchase a limited edition print at a 20% discount from what the print is selling for at retail. They buy a print with a 20% profit built in! No brick and mortar gallery means lower overhead.

The works of some artists sell out incredibly fast, making it easy to make a quick profit.

Where do these online art collectors sell their sold out art prints, you might ask. The biggest online galleries have built in a resale market. Three times a year the online collectors gather to buy and sell fine art that they own.

Now, nobody can guarantee how much profit a sold out print will make. But you should make a good profit if you choose wisely and the edition sells out quickly. And while you are waiting for the print to sell out, youíll have wonderful fine art to grace your walls.

If you are looking for a fun and profitable home business, and a way to surround yourself with beautiful fine art, you should consider becoming an online art collector.

About The Author

Copyright 2005

Amy Hutton is an art collector who lives in South Florida. Visit http://amy.globalartgroup.com for information on online fine art collecting.


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